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Boiler Repair

S.C.B take's pride in our professional approach to service and repair—from equipment purchase to removal and replacement, we can do it all. We are able to respond to service calls within reasonable time of notification, 24/7. Whether your company is in need of welding, combustion analysis, start-up assistance or trouble-shooting, our service technicians are prepared to find solutions for your boiler plant issues.

Parts and Controls

S.C.B.'s  warehouse is stocked for almost all boiler room needs. Our parts division also carries complete kits for gas trains, fuel oil trains, low emissions conversions, control upgrades, gaskets and more. On staff are parts experts who are ready to assist you and help select the right parts for your job.

Burner Service

S.C.B. can carry out burner repair and replacement projects to the highest standards of workmanship. As we are an independent company, we can offer burners from all of the major manufacturers, we give unprejudiced assessment of manufacturers equipment and can truly offer the client a tailor-made solution.

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