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    With many years in the industry, we know that nothing is more important than how the customer is treated. We consider customer service a top priority for our business. We want to help you through the situation you are experiencing now, and we want to be the first company you call if you run into trouble with your mechanical systems. To make sure that happens, we work hard to ensure that every customer gets exactly what they need - and that everything works out well the first time.

     When you contact S.C.B. , you are getting in touch with technicians who have more than forty years combined experience in the industry. Some of our customers know exactly what they need, and that's just fine, but many customers contact us without being entirely sure of what their next step will be. This is where S.C.B.  gets to shine. Our technicians will help you figure out what is wrong and what parts, service or repairs you need to move forward.


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